Our experience with Americana Estate Sales has been exceptional! Mark and Laura are professionals in sales and marketing. They are talented in staging items to sell at a premium which is truly a gift. They go above and beyond with their clients as well as their staff. We recommend them to everyone we know since we can see clearly they are the best in the business!
Laura Atty
September 2019
Americana estate sales is nothing but a professional team! Very easy to work with and always making sure they are working to meet their customers needs.
Jamie Rivait
September 2019
Americana Estate Sales provided a complete, honest, thorough and professional sale event as promised. Our experience with Americana was a complete success from set-up to clean-up. We would recomment Mark and Laura to anyone who is in need of estate sale services. P&K Loomis 8/2019
P&K Loomis
August 2019
Outstanding Estates sales conducted by Americana Estate Sales, well organized, well marked, very friendly.
Rick Henderson
February 2017
Americana Estate Sales Was An Answer To Our Prayers

We were overwhelmed, the Americana Estate Sales crew came in and organized, priced, and executed a flawless Estate Sale.

My parents lived in co-op in Oakland County. Their passing was devastating to my family, they collected all types of stuff including signed books, fine jewelry, antiques and art from all over the world. I had no idea what the values were or how to liquidate it since it’s my taste. WOW what a get job they did, researching and pricing it all. It went off without a hitch providing everything from security and staffing to removing the large sold furniture. I never thought it would workout but it did and we made a lot of money. I would recommend them to anyone looking for an estate sale
Carl M.
March 2016
You guys did a fantastic job today! Knowledgeable, experienced, great customer focused, enjoyed each other (they laughed together throughout), you can expect an excellent review on the web sites! Thank you so much for a great value, great service and providing an experienced and courteous crew...We couldn't be happier.
Bethany H
December 2015
Best Estate Sale company in Michigan. Americana Estate Sales is a highly professional company who has been in business for many years. I highly recommend them to anyone!
Anthony P.
October 2015
An example of their dedication was the fact that my parents where hoarders. They never through anything out. It took three days and a crew of 7 prior to the sale to sort through it all. Over 800 people showed. I couldn't believe it! This was all done with a good-natured attitude and sensitivity to the emotional turmoil that is involved in such an event. My family and I will recommend Americana Estate Sales without reservation.
Mark B.
November 2015